Love Good Morning-by Surjit.S.(Focus-Passion, Self-Help, Gratitude)


I thought of keeping the title simple ,self-explanatory in tandem and open pathways of clarity that align with the fact that what you rehearse constantly on eventually shapes into reality.

Stay focussed on regular movements than basking for length on achievements-ESSWG is my quote

When we wake up in the morning, Our first encounter is with none other than with that usual OURSELVES THROUGH THAT MIRROR or With a FAMILY MEMBER.

Wish yourself and everyone you meet across a GOOD Morning.


Present a jolly good nod to whosoever serves you,once you leave your home sweet home to work and also to your closely-knit ones at work.The return gift of gratitude will immerse you in a large jar of positivity.We will start finding non-negative fields with people we will encounter.

Missing daily gifted opportune moments like these as a habit lead us to mount into the realm of primeval set-up where one involved longs for onset of evolutionary period to commence (this is for strokes of humour…..not for any specific person).

Pardon but ths specifically relates to camp of people who live by the notion in certain parts of the globe that if they see your or another person’s face first thing in the morning, their whole day ahead would process in a near sordid manner. They unfortunately fail to realize that is the their own face they first see or of one of their family member. Correct me i am incorrect in your inputs,

Would love to personally hint some few people of WRAM genre (World Revolves Around Me)types to set a shift of mindscape.They are missing these joyous moments of life where the day kickstart does not necessarily have to be self-limiting with I and ME only.

Books I am reading and re-reading : AM READING THE BOOK 5am Club by Robin Sharma.

Also if possible, do take his course 5am Club Method which is on air online.

It is super-beneficial where these are audio and video lectures.There is space to share your plans on implementation of lessons learnt and you can submit your review upon completion of every lecture.It makes you feel as integral part of the training module itself.

It will change your core wirings and distil your best self out of possible shallow zone of existence.

It is a organic package of to transform your mind, body, soul and your internal wiring.

Instead of focus only at me and myself, give a light look around and you could find yourself doing some heavy help to someone.

For this we need to be able to see the rays of happiness that emerge from those whom you render timely aid when badly in need and that too in those early morning hours of tryst when the mad rush is pushing itself and others in all random directions to work or to fulfil their commitments.

I to We,In sync,

Love you All,


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