Quotes First:

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.”- Zig Ziglar

 In a 2017 commencement speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook dispensed some powerful

     advice — not just for MIT’s graduating class but for our validation-hungry society:

He hinted at staying aligned with the following simple and easily do-able guidelines to be successful. Vital to note that he made a lateral alteration to what many interpret as Success

in commonplace use.Success i today measured by likes and good comments.You get good well read people today asking  for likes.

He said  “Measure your impact on humanity not in likes but in the lives you touch, not in

      popularity but the people you serve’

GRATITUDE IMAGE QUOTE-My 1st ever Quote, Now am at 100th beyond .ESSWG quotes penned by self.

       1. Ask yourself some tough questions.      

These are the following few simple yet deep questions we can ask.

a. Do I include empathy in approach when dealing with people who provide services. 

b.Have I got a written plan in place that contains my aims. Are these sustainable.

c.Are these measurable and can be periodically evaluated.

d.How many service providers and clients did I positively impact.

e.Is the plan mindful and appreciates genuine performers on company/media handles.

2. Be patient and keep looking.

a.Practice patience.Are we wired by the growing media to amplify focus and patience.

b.Do i have the time out to arrrive at a practicably workable strategy,

c.What are the venues i choose to dive in to consistently enrich my knowledge so that a optimum alternative can be selected and implemented.

       3. Step outside your comfort zone. 

a.Does my browsing cost me and the organisation money metered in hours.

b.Do people browse along with work.

c.How much of this is work related research.

d.How much time an average person engages on directionless browsing.

e.Do you step out of your comfort zone and intervene with your colleagues/clients.

f. Readiness to learn, source and invest in the overall strategy to disown

COMFORT ZONE for the lifetime.

(Read The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

by Stephen Pressfield.It takes you ahead on road towards achieving your

breakthrough point of SUCCESS).

4. Stay the Course

a.Are we adequately aware and hinged on our objectives.

b,Does the media traffic succeed in distracting us from our healthy frame of mind.

c.What acts as strengthener and weakener to help us stay put and deviate us in

downward spiral with respect to where we started.

d.Is there a sound Wellness regime in place and part of our very daily existence.

I to We, IN Sync.


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