Why do elderly people continue to work after retirement? ✌😊.

I have chosen to address on this topic as this involves people who are 50 plus as well.It was a question asked to me by a team member on a online community.


Want to dearly support all this age bracket wherever they can access this blog and attempt to strengthening them over issues of mental barriers that they may be weakening them.

There could be varied reasons but anyhow , shifts focus to avenues that are abundant
in the landscape of benefit.

After 30(sacropenia starts setting in), males start losing muscle gradually.So watch and pull up our socks gentlemen.Even ladies can find out and equip themselves on this focal issue.

Empathise because there are several families which live near or below the poverty line and so the elders have to continue to work to support their family monetary needs vis-a-vis rising costs of basic amenities in several countries.

Upkeep of work is upkeep of physical movement requirements and mental
muscle kept in uniform motion.

With so much discussed on longevity, why not many resort to wellness
umbrella to attain as much longevity as possible.

It is not entirely a money indice, elders add lot of rich experience and value to
whomsoever they come in touch with, just a thing that our temperament and vigour
should be kept lubricated and checked.

Elders are elders whether from my side or your side.Once this gains leverage, elders will have a less tougher path to tread and download more potent value to our current lifestyles.

Also keeping working adds to their fitness to an extent so this helps keeping
their T-Cells long enough.

Shortening of T cells is characterised by early onset of aging, where cortisol
production in abundance has a major stake.

I will be discussing this in detail in one of my planned upcoming online courses
which i will share once the date is slated for lift-off.

So, the subject resonates with good amount of meaningful work and human
values with deep respect.

People keep on helping one another knowingly or unknowingly.
Elderly add knowledge, support and stability-3 robust pillars.

Who won’t grow old one day?

Only those who assume so and another ones…left to imagination respectfully
Stay ignited…with gratitude…

I HAVE A STREAM OF SIMPLE EXERCISES THAT ALL AGE GROUPS AND ESPECIALLY ELDERLY CAN BENEFIT FROM. Do get in touch with me at sim975311@gmail.com if it interests.

I to We, In Sync…


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