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Focus Areas of the book-Humour,Productivity, Stress, Ego, Happiness.

HI Dear All,

Quotes First :


Aspire to Inspire, Stoke your bellyfire –Surjit


Let me take you for a brief ride through my first Self Help Book-Aspire to Inspire.100 plus pages,67 chapters each tailored to customize your needs.

Quote-The purpose Life is life of Purpose-Robin Sharma

Reproducing Author Acknowledgment of the book:

With due regards to all who fuel my work, I express regard to high altitudes, the active support and co-operation extended by my family, super-ignited during my work and completion of this book,uber-helpful colleagues, and respected vibrant gentry on media who keep my creative buds in a OIL TO FLAME State of being



Aspire to Inspire, my first self help book was launched in 2020,took about an year to take shape and taper in successful completion.A publisher was hired as it was the first such stint.

A good quantum of leverage has been placed on Wellness as and where a pocket was available as per a relevant chapter title in the book.

It advises to include and practise certain small changes that can bring bigger and greener walkways in your life to suitably meander on.

The book is about day to day encounters and small experiences captured by virtue of these encounters to entertain you with atoms and molecules of humour and happiness that exist in our vicinity. Ones which commonly go unnoticed due to several external factors that constantly stand successful with less effort. State of pre-fed belief, individual specific mind processes(sorry, i don’t fancy to term anyone’s mindwork as mindset as everyone has one in that case), Wingspan of stress are few of these that reign supreme in this arena.

Under the direction of a Health Coach,deeply thankful to Devendra, my health and fitness coach for understanding my book and a review as follows.

At top of each carefully selected chapter title , is a quote, written either by me or taken from other persons’ work with permission if the author is alive.

Glad to share that exercise techniques learnt from Devendra were transferred to students of a badminton coaching club that operates in a nearby University at total zero cost. It was purely bodyweight based workout, no equipment or gym involved.

Striking fact to share with you is that almost all of the content and image quotes helpfully invaded me in early morning hours during my exercise regime or during a round of meditation or when i was in a chillax moment,

They say creativity strikes best when you are in a mood to enjoy or when you are have some humorous discussion,In lightest of the moments.

I came across a vendor representative today who said his brother(an author ) gets triggered with his creative gifts to write when he is leisurely walking.

Words and ideas can be best interwoven and arranged to present optimum impact when you are feeling happy and you have taken a sleep of good quality in night earlier.

Soreness and burnouts should thus be treated with respect and subject self to reasonable and jig of proper rest.

We are not talking here of night owl preference 0R 5am type preference. Choice is one’s own, each to his or her own.

Links to the book-Aspire to Inspire – ZorbaBooks,Aspire to Inspire: Buy Aspire to Inspire by Surjit at Low Price in India |



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