Helping community with a soft skill and mindful thought

Hi Respected Audience,

Yes i can write and also compose image quotes and poems.

I am easily above 100 image quotes young (wisdom quotes i mean)

Following is one such poem that hit across my mental muscle during peak COVID 19 invasion days.

My 6 liner for your you all.

.This blog of mine is a mini sized with focal attention on driving courage in each other to know and take precautions to arrest infections out of COVID 19 .


Join hands and zero our exposure,
To this hazard ,impacting the global composure.

Not far are the days when it’ll cease to exist,
Once again many will play with the fresh morning mist.

Let’s each and any, fill every possible breach,
Block it’s flow and slice off its every route of reach.

With Healthy Cheers to you all,,


Blog-Cast,Author, Course Creator

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