LIVE YOUR LIFE-MY 3 rd Book is up for nutritious read.


FOCUS AREAS- Sustainability,Disown Comparison, Secure Health ,Conserve Focus.

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Greetings and Wishes,

My another (3rd in last 3 years) book Live Your Life is ready to read.

Difference I tried to create this book is that:

Message tried to deliver across bears more leverage than my image.

I always wanted to dwell on disowning COMPARISON as we all are born to deliver in our own areas of expertise.

162 pages and likely to lengthen further.It is designed to act as as a Sustainable tool to keep your current and future generations revved up on delivering world class at a minimum.

Every chapter hesitates to wind up with a relatable USP.

Have made all possible efforts that it has not been missed out to those websites that offered their free help on integral mode in completion of this book.

The idea of writing a book with a combo of quotes and text came up in original but it may coincide at other locations.All image quotes used in formation of the book are original and bear no resemblance with any such content of anyone else.

Each lesson starts with a handcrafted image quote ( of mine )and sets tone for detailed discussion about the chapter as the ball is set rolling each time a new lesson takes over. Illustrations are provided as and where applicable.It took about an year and half to complete about 100 plus image quotes.

Most of these quotes commonly struck me in the early morning golden hours.

These occurred whilst in the warm up phase of my regular fitness workout regimen or in between the sets.I normally keep a pencil and paper ready to capture those precious and volatile notes that the Divine Energy or Karmic force or the Universe presents out of its sheer grace. On many occassions these notes were left out to be arrested and i have missed several golden phrases into the invisible innocent vapour that harmlessly rests between the Earth surface and the Sky. This book is 162 page at length.

Thankful to CANVA for the free cover page template and also immensely thankful to PIXELQUOTE.COM for providing with a platform where wisdom image quotes can be written and finalised upon selection of a optimal design with regards to colour and font scheme.

When writing a book, keep your thoughts crystal clear and unbiased as to what impact it will create to anyone else as long as it does not point anyone personally.

A point can be made out of learning and experience to provide a cautionary advice and it might match with someone else’s state of affairs’ to which you can’t do much but at the same time offer an inherent knowledge pack so that it unfolds a easily practicable range of solutions to those in trouble and seeking viable options to undesired situations that life presents by its very basic nature of flow. Especially in times of COVID-19.

Time consuming process it is and takes about an year or so to write down a book.

Chapter titles were selected first depending on the content / topic that hit my mental space from time to time. A wide range of wisdom quotes written and available as basic handy aiders helped for easy fit-up arrangement to bear with many chapters without much soul searching process to undergo.

Touched by the sour ,bitter, sweet range of experiences during these stages of life that primarily served as PRIME-MOVERS to graze around some of the ORGANIC topics write these quotes.

Every lesson tapers off with a USP to roundup with the central part of the passage and an attempt was done to tone-up these short lines in a way that confectioners spruce the completion of a designer pastry with fine spots and lines of delicious creams that children would drool in middle of their sleep midnight (most kids nowadays sleep early morning and get awake by early afternoon).

You may contact me directly to get a copy of the book with no holds barred.


Looking for your comments and inputs or likes.

On Amazon, e-link :


You may as well directly contact me on my e-mail for access to the book

Thanking You,,,

In Sync,I to We,

Surjit ,

Blog-Cast,Author, Course Creator

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