Tennis Elbow Injury in Pandemic times

Quote-“What we focus on, Expands”

Hi Dear Ones,

Ths blogpost of mine is a recap of what i went through during a period when pandemic COVID-19 was at its peak during tis first wave of ingress in our lives and innocent communities. When most were not firmly aware of control measures to be in place to keep the corona virus at bay,

There was certainly a vapour of fear factor amongst many in the atmosphere and the surroundings to an extent .The statistics that the media reported (with thanks for sharing on the real severity of the situation,and equipping viewers on the applicable measures).

It was amidst and during a workout set, that my hand struck against edge of the wardrobe awaiting for its bait since long maybe. Wooden and slightly sharp.While just doing some general movement i hit my elbow bone on the edge.

The pain was writhing and deep. It had to be overcome. The pain waveform was set to take good amount of time to heal.It started to ache not only when doing a single basic push-up but also when attempting a wall pushup.

No way did I have the courage to go a doctor and ask to see what to do. The trend was that if you are advised to go to a hospital for an X-ray, you may unknowingly come out with the virus in your kitty.

Days and days went by as installed the regimen to welcome and respectfully kill the pain everyday. Every pushup or rep. meant fighting with the pain and gnashing my teeth against in between the lines and to pit the positive pain of a helpful rep against the negative pain of that injury.

What started with pretending of no pain state of affairs later slowly started to help in downsizing the effect of pain. The mind and body had started to accept .live and reject the extent of pain. In a period of 2 to 3 months, merely residual pain stayed back. Major effect had subsided.

Just want to share that not all pain can be treated with mind and endurance (certain conditions that are highly painful may need your physicians intervention or medication of painkiller shots”.A severe dislocation of fracture will for sure need to go to the hospital and get the blanketing of plaster on the injured area of an organ.

Since some period now, have habituated myself to do my best to the farthest extent so that intake of chemical laden painkillers can be avoided.

The answer key of such situations lies with us.For us to evaluate on what is the extent of injury.

Whether the scale is:





I had decided to not to harp much on it with the family during the process.

Our minds have the healing process, we need to nurture the mechanism of doing movement in certain situations of ache in the body.For that matter, many having lower backache, can alleviate it substantially by making proper ,gentle and guided movement(exercise) on regular basis.This will facilitate better movement of muscles and ligaments, foster blood circulation.

Believe me folks, it does help.

It was regular attmept to beat my pain by observing optimal blood circulation and local movement of the affected area that i could come out if it with none medication or treatment.Yes, hot water contact or contact with hot cloth at this time accelerates healing.

Guys, this story of mine is only to tell you that a combination of patience and awareness can give us good results.

You can save lots of your resources with some resilience and patience.

Get that spot-on nutrition and some good rest.

It always helps to minimise medication, doctor visits and lesser mental feeds to your mind..

In Sync, Wish all stay healthy and Safe,,,


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