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Lets embark with quotes”

1.It took Warren Buffet 2 sentences to teach great career takes you hear here today.

GRAB THEM and…here we go…

“I only work with people I like”



2.COMFORT ZONE IS Marriage to long term discomfort-Surjit

I have in mind to make this post like a lifetime trigger for you as we tread alongwith ,Let the central message that gets driven full-on and gets retention for generations to come. This is where my services offered will be of value by nostalgia.

The Core focus of this post is to invite your nimble attention on what comfort zone is, some interesting and realtime examples of comfort zones with images.To get a deeper peek as to where these silent but smart zones lead us to and what are some measures to counter the adverse impact generously offered by these low profile vices in our lives.

Normally, the post content is converted into a podcast, but with this piece of is about time for a reverse sweep and so i am penning down the contents upon uploading the blog-cast.To help with. and to allow effective transfer of the message.

Sharing for free 0ne of my 100 plus image quotes).

ESSWG is my own brand of image quotes

I believe we all agree it is really vital to identify our comfort zones, treat them well( in other words apply the tools to weaken them ),not only this but it aid making us anti-fragile as well.

Let us see few examples of comfort zone. Rather Choose to put it pictorially than by words as it will turn them self-explanatory and get recorded in the form of visual images from sustainability point of view.

A empty packet of processed food was left behind in packed and secured condition once the food was finished but the “lets do it later type” of attitude tends to pull the simple act of disposing it in a bin AT REST endlessly,

Hey, eat the frog first is a great way to disengage ourselves from comfort zone.

People stay put around the comfort zones in circles several times through entirety of their daily routines but fail to realise that they are made a bait and slowly drawn into the SLY VORTEX of this deadly trap of conditions and unmindful actions. All created by us or someone else.

Better ACT and MOVE than BLAME.

Being avoid getting led into the SEDENTARY fold of lifestyle.

With the dip in our activity levels, surfaces the symptoms of contracting relevant dis-ease when unchecked and unattended over a few years time down the memory lane. Dilute the elemental areas that constitute your comfort zone. 

We wont move as this thing does not belong to me. Someone else should and one unknowingly starts putting on weight, invites migraines, gets dehydrated due to adhesion to the e-gadgets.

Let us make headway for a more realistic pasture of information..

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So let us get aware and Come up with a better equipped future self in advance.

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