Self – Tutored BIZ-KID

Hi Friends, Just Step in for a peek.

Let me thank you in advance for your precious time and patience.

Join me making Headway with a quote – FEARS SEIZE YEARS-Surjit

A community member recently told me Surjit, NEVER ASSUME.

Following post closely relates to those words that the individual shared with me.

So let us embark on the ship now:

I went to a 2 day retreat recently. 

A young boy was persistently asking for money as we walked out of the retreat.

He started his follow-up routine for some money to start his livelihood mill of the day ahead.

Take something to eat I told him rather than being pivoted on money matters.
Please Give me Soft drinks or Frooti  he uttered politely but with visible readiness of a anyhow go-getter drive.

No , take milk or tea i told him.

Instead after so much patience, chillax cool yuppie, he opted smartly for MAGGI Noodles .a snack many drool over (glad to keep away any discussions on its ingredients or its nutritive value .External packaging catches fancy and prevents us from a thought on the INTEL INSIDE, meaning thereby the value addition it }.

Ok I said, let us settle it as done surrendering to his seasoned temperament. He displayed demeanour of a highly grounded person who was difficult to unsettle.

He started releasing his go ahead tips to the tea vendor on condiments to add in the process vessel to convert the brittle yet tricky physical state of endless noodle raw run into a sumptuous meal.

Here is a this whizkid with no guarantee of the afternoon meal but stood firmly grounded.
No worries, no stress he exhibited.

No risk for there is hardly anything to loose.This kid looked to nurture positive thoughts and images of success only.

No worries, no stress he exhibited.
Confident and persistence well ingrained.

Although no supervision with him, he appeared self-driven.
Hats off to the gem.
Upon order, he did not look at me again. With enviable put glued on seeing his broth getting morphed into the edible locks that his taste buds seem to yearn .His first customer of the day was done with.No gratitude in the landscape.THERE YOU GO..

Well groomed he was.
Which business or finishing school did he come from? I sportily asked the vendor.

Some onlookers nearby for sure looked curious trying to figure out on why i was taking his images.
My talk with the boy broke the otherwise serious looking tea vendor into a fit of realtime laughter.
He taught me few tips on how to do business, I grasped.

Fortunately, not looking back at someone who gives you chance to serve does not get any leverage in my basic existence module.

What stunning qualities guys:




Business Acumen



Thanks Guys, Keep dropping in.

Give your comments, inputs and likes if so.

Your Host,

Permeate beyond surface,

Keep dropping in…Lets grow..


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