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I missed out inserting this post from my end and was thinking of providing something that is near and dear to me and that important thing i frequently oscillate around.It touched me every time I see it being repeated at various locations.Say public places, airports, shopping malls and even at homes sometimes.

After obtaining a bevy of online diploma and certificates in Fitness ,Diet Management, Mindfulness, Meditation and some more to go.

No it is not about displaying the knowledge gained, It is about the realtime analysis of things we normally do and miss out the easily DO-ABLES that silently go long way to impact our WELLNESS as the years start piling on out of their very own unstoppable nature..


Many eat fast.

Many eat thick food consistently.

Many watch TV while having food.Brain led signals on fulness are kept blocked on outer ring roads as they say in certain regions of the world.Also families are seen sitting well knit at close distance but speak minimal with the heads inside the e-devices.

Sometimes all get together at dinner or lunchtime and watch TV or mobile through the meal duration.Less visible involvement in the meal that is happy to jump on our platter, more in the digi-biles and mega-screens.

Some take soft drinks or cold water alongwith or intermittently during meals.As per Ayurveda, digestion requires a finite warmth to ignite the ingested materials uploaded inside the tummy and its downstream,Te temperature is the medium that favours happy survival of the biota that line out intestines.

I have seen colleagues watching food and eating mobiles(no, not really, but to indicate on adverse impact out of the habit) on the dining table.There is poor awareness on what is the size of bite they are eating servings taken and is it being adequately chewed at all. After finishing food intake, again retreat to sitting and work takes it advantage by offering the sedentary dessert.

Saw in a urinal, a man at work on no hands-free mode, One hand busy with the desired task and another on the mobile while the hydraulics were being managed into the pot of patience.

So what does all this add to. Add value , no it does not,lets take a step back. Its quite simple to check-in..

Consistent thick food intake means longer time to digest. Added discomfort. Effect on focus, attention and your mood..

Improperly grounded food particles mean again difficulty to digest,and in comes the indice of acidic reflux and its impact on your ongoing plan of the day.

Dont forget that the gut microbiome population of trillions talks to us.It is some say our another brain.

The natural/karmic/divine gift of accelerating initial digestion (salivary juices already at humble service in the mouth)are deprived of helping us at the word go ,although they sincerely aim at delivering at uniform uber-state at all given shceduled times of service..

Eating cold reduces the temperature and de-celerates the gut-biome activity level to breakdown food particles at their best.Reduces flow of food through the gastrointestinal tract, and hampers downstream processes, given to understand.

When continued and unnoticed, the deposited solids, thicken and continue to decompose. Certain bacterial species in unison flourish at frozen conditions.Ice-creams for instance is a contributor if on frequent mode.

They say that almost all dis-eases originate in the stomach.

Guys, just try these simple hacks easy to execute and see how your overall being shifts.

1.Downsize the portion and number of servings.

2,Cut food into smaller pieces during preparation.

3.Will be easier to ingest,will gravitate down faster.

4.Let all preparation have good amount of liquid content. Will keep it all lighter and IT works wonders. Uplifts physical activity and productivity level as you are now giving the controlled nutrient load its own time and conditions to get broken down into maximum simplest size and form.

5.Permits variety of intake in smaller fills.So plateau is broken.

6.Chewing better will take longer time to complete eating and trigger to leave the table quicker. Stays resonated with our current tendencies as we now come out of tasks quickly and everything is required faster than speed of light. So does apply during eating as well.

7.Items 4, and 5 will neutralize the acidity complaint to good extentt.BY HABIT.

8.Warm water after 45 minutes or 01 hour.I dont at all take water in between meals except if some thing chilly gets in , then a micro-sip of room temperature water.

9.EAT WATER. No need to downpour tanks OF water, Keep sipping water intermittently .With every sip,agitate it inside mouth (sounds crude but will work wonders)so that gastric juices created on unbroken mode are regularly led into your GI Tract to complement and supplement.

9.Adminster natural pre-biotics and pro-biotics, Chemicals don’t fail to do their job

full-to.hey do what they are designed for with minimal supervision and over-deliver.

10.Take small servings of fruits handy(as per your sugar preference and natural availability) twice a day if possible. Banana is a great fruit to rely on. Recall Roger Federer eating banana during the high intensive tennis games.Always chip off from the top edge before eating,

To avoid possible impact of pesticide trace carryover on sustained basis.

Taste Buds are second in line. Tighten them when young. Enjoy food but regulate.

FELT GREAT to dish out above recipe to you, folks.

In Sync, With Gratitude,

Get back, join the bandwagon..


Your host

Founder at http://www.livepeaked.com

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