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Quote of the Post – Rich people have large libraries and Poor people have large TVs-(Televisions i mean ) – Zig ZIGLAR

Yes, motivation is a high and dry topic for many, rests ingrained as much as is regular,
uninterrupted oxygen intake for some individuals and needs to be driven into (
not really, restricted to words only )the overall wiring of some of our human entities.

Some people plan and set their goals .As they did not achieve in the first
go, so as per THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE,, gave up quickly saying i tried , nothing worked and now I sleep all day.


This was one of the questions asked to me by a follower on internet.

Have we ever tried going to natural surroundings or to seaside opening  out our hands and shouting in joy, It is a healing ritual.Do it regularly and your motivation quotient will remain consistently on the next level,

Plan and set your goals, they tried on surface terrain with inadequate
effort and persistence.so the restless (just awaiting to gravitate with little
effort and spurts of resistance )curtain is immediately pulled down. these
persons did try out their heart and mind, they did have the motivation to
initiate and start sailing, but with some pools of counter current in the aquatic body under traverse, and few rocky patches on the road, they quickly opt to download and giving it all up.

Solutions from me happily  stand out to aid:

To start with, just comfortably dabble with not more than 2 to 3 action items. Research and some psychologists say doing more than 3 items at a time does not offer seemingly practicable mileage. It means you are not focussed on any single item with hardwired protection. We are like frayed wires in this case. Loosing time, resources and ourselves. Shall we relate to and say” ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS”.

Invest some amount of time in these tasks per day.See which area creates potential traction.

Align with it. Get habituated to visit it more. Get hold, hone it,unfold and fan your wingspan and there you take first flight with your own drive.

Incredible it seems and real it can become

Get hold of articles of Angela Duckworth, a leading psychologist who is also a TED Speaker..

Let us take a detour and re-start with a nourishing quote way forward.

Loose an hour in the morning and spend rest of the day looking for it-Richard  Whately


HABITS maybe boring to some, but this was ingrained by my parents. A simple feat that sustained over the past accountable decades.

Just take it along as you cruise and drift in the browse, that THIS IS A VIABLE ANTI-AGING CONDIMENT, unless there is late night work regularly such as WFH or you are glaring out from the CELLULOID every other day in the soap or in the periodic OPERA..

Helps the whole day BOXED in your BACKPACK.

YOU and all are special by their own way.

So, just get bIgger day by day(i mean evolution perspective, maybe you are already an icon ,something i dont know about .but i am sharing as you have asked it).

People earlier unaware and ignorant are now strapping up their buckles toward the EPIC, ITS TIME MANY MORE DO IT.

Keep growing,


ESSWG is my self-written series of quotes that continue to gently expand and continue to provide solutions  and directions to serve many


P.S. Keep checking my posts and tell me more..





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