An attempt to make a difference with a not so new theme but with original spice to diverge into a newly formulated content.For sure, it will appear tense on the surface if existent sub-surface. If it does not pervade, it will eternally fail to be ever visible to our visual cartilage. This chapter is for the likes of those who delivered big on their own without much external influence or aid, who soared with time to navigate their utter noble self big honest game and led to fallout of the game cards that were played by those with a inner framework of shallow foresight.

These human species speak less, create crests, produce peaks, secure more, reinforce habitual, deliver beyond  the impact of lasting.

Yes, LESS need to talk more, no need to make continuous desperate attempts to stand out viral rather focus on your precious work and get it going on a unending spiral that we are trained on a no comeback basis.

Extremely glad to add another quote of mine to strike a note of resonation.


My Oh My, What a Yorker delivery of cricket which just flew across slim forest of my mind that yearns for new thinking follicles to make their inroads into the daily renewable thinking green-scape. In short and simple language, it stands out if it silently but restlessly continues to vibrate in a state of pendulum. Restlessly oscillatory and reverberatory. Eventually, gains a state of bliss with that Eureka shout.

You will continue to do whatever it is even if in measure of smallest potion over regular period of time, but whatever the deep rooted passion, will naturally tend to stay auto-ignited although at a slowly progressive rate  on a unstoppable mode.

Today, tomorrow or day after, the fire continues to fan itself .So grateful I am to the UNIVERSE that it has enabled me to restart on my third literary journey with long repressed craving to grab an inactive pencil and arrest the raw notes.But earlier was unable to get into the mood to jot down these little trinkets of joyous thoughts.

As the words start flowing into my mental pond like fragile pearls, it feels nice to capture the volatile matter one by one taking care I don’t scatter them as once vapourised, they’ll hardly re-appear or come back by reverse gear to usher fortune if one is lucky enough.

On we Can with swift ease , come across several species of our kind who go to emulate others in many disciplines but stop with comma just a short lead after having taken off.It is not easy, not tough either, only until the undying passion was original to start and not annexed.This is where original and focus on oneself against short lived herd follows traction. It realises at its best not only when we have reviewed and analyse to the best at what is it that originally drives our velocity than to be driven by someone else’s second hand momentum that would not take much lead in the realtime criss-cross field with rat –race  pace of this competitive planet.

What is original and unshaken will perch out better, it will and you will in tandem stand on your ownself the crown of your own stead,with in hand the shoot of your own reed.The commercial ad in a famous Bollywood commercial by a leading hero figure who says ”JAZBA HAI ANDAR TO DIKHTA HAI BAHAR” which precisely means “IT APPEARS ON THE FORE WHEN RESIDES IN THE CORE” which also happens to be one of my latest quote in English.Not necessary it is that that all should be performed with  supernatural type  of demeanor and ego, it can definitely be performed with rustic and inbuilt dynamism but with ,suave mannerism can still be that of an innocent bumble bee doing humming as part of its daily job description not knowing what’s in store on one fine day, until then it performs its musical opera with its exclusive unbeaten swansong and quality in its own graceful class…

To stand out of your own out there gracefully takes hours and hours of genuine effort, bring churning out the sweaty  tunes,being sincere to yourself and with genuine gratitude to the source of energy that created us.

Always thankful and remember it will be gratitude brimming. Make it a habit and it will continue to polish you in all your routine doings, keeps you full-to upto the neck without meandering or veering away a wee bit from its design pathway.

P.S.: Stay invited for oncoming posts.

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