On similar lines, I intend to make this relatable post concise and captivating with pivot of vital pointers on significant LIFE CHANGING and MODERN SUSTAINABLE DIFFERENCE homemakers and housewives have been relentlessly making to their families and their IMMEDIATE SURROUNDINGS since times immemorial.

This is a different odyssey, formulated to recognize the women who contribute huge into our lives daily but get less or not much recognition in return. They dont think of ROI, as they are loyal to their family and have one thing to focus on viz. deliver epic everyday in and out.

They are typically those cool HUGE LIFE-CHANGERS, the unsung legends who focus on classy deliverables and care none for rooftop tune belting routines.

Dishing out TIMELY epic services for the entire family (sometimes community as well , i have seen them doing life-saving acts of poorer lot at times ,like rushing for rescue of other women when they were in dire conditions )and regularly delivering high quality products for the family is the starting point for them, as this is not where the buck stops, rather starts.


No finishing school was required to coach them to carry themselves with natural finesse and unique grace.

It speaks of the value,original and indescribable contributions they unknowingly continue to add to the Universe.

FULL-ON UNIQUE in their stature.

Made conscious effort to apply certain words in to render the original effect.This post is designed to attract minimal investment of your 4th virtual dimension INVENTORY, your PRECIOUS TIME. May be previously addressed somehwere else ,but this is for me a original attempt to deep-dive into the unique capabilities of HOMEMAKERS / HOUSEWIVES.

Before missing out to add, not constraining it to housewives, these women were / are either a mother, a sister, a guardian, respected gems alias grandparents, or a guest who came over in vacation or a weekend for a short lived stay but delivered goods proportionate to be remembered through innumerable periods and ages to be carried forward and improvised upon. Certain knowledge goodies from their experience get carried forward through series of generations.

Not in static mode, they tend to expand and continue undergoing lot of improvement as well. This was out of a result of regular meaningful interaction with the family members, surroundings and MOST OF ALL WITH ELDER MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY.

Thus, these women were/are living prime movers of an enviable all in one inclusive package. They managed all numbers and types of activities/tasks with minimal supervision, limited assistance and bare minimum resources.


A sincere intention that this content body reaches out to further uplift lives of all THE LEGENDARY HOMEMAKER WOMEN  who SILENTLY and SELFLESSLY continue to transform our lives into MOUNTAINTOPS every every day, but their efforts and worth gain less notice and attracts minimal recognition.


Let us celebrate the presence of these angelic individuals in our lives us and enable topping little more emotional mindfulness into our interaction with this gamut of angels as and where/when it is possible. Let us make their lives more  vibrant  and resonate with them with lot more empathy and care.



P.S: Stay up for more posts lined-up for you..

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