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Still liquids may go assumed like another ordinary next door bloke passer by went unnoticed either by the frame he inherits, materials he has not prioritized to adorn himself with or as weaker from external standpoint of appearance. With a chance to go deeper down in negative (downward )altitude, there could be skill coated Latent (release large amount of energy )Energy  underneath, beneficial and of services to many of us.

We could be in waiting for a pack of strong undercurrents in series that have no fascination to showing their prowess and deploy their skills into recordable action only except when circumstances genuinely require so to be pressed into that enviable service quality.

For instance, a simpleton goes by without a second look BY ANY OR MANY but shines with razors edge no sooner than a good outlet is given to that naïve soul to serve with exemplary originality and strength of character.


People not owning certain material possessions or having but not displaying are rather put outdated at several milestones away  and these cool agents value that demeanour less because that is a mediocre type of attitude meant to exhibit ones own weightage in presence of certain gentry that these show bizzers relish to display off. Once out of their self imposed camps, they quickly fizz out into the rear like that of held up gas bubble of a soda bottle open for long enough, the effervescence  stands to resemble lazy still water with potential held up gas pressure now out through millions of vapor bubbles.

Do you own a 4 wheeler?. If you don’t and opt to travel by public transport whenever felt so, by your own original wish although you can easily afford these non-living possessions, it maybe taken as a indicator of weakness and these agents might directly tell you that you have a low thinking in such an event. I have first hand experience of this, not once but twice.

Wow if another entity’s thinking level is determined by vehicular ownership or possessions display, then why use the (anti-covid-19) vaccine that this billionaire couple developed and helped our world in our common quest to ward off the uninvited coronavirus. They , out of their own choice, don’t choose to own a vehicle or a 4 wheeler and are happy with public transport for regular drop-off to office , to and fro, employing several hundreds of employees infact. What would they be termed as .Under developed or next door couple who use public transport and so hold low status tag fastened on their public vehicle seatbelt.

Status is a state of mind and so has to be changed every now and then,

It makes some difference to those who have nothing in excess of spare time to comment than those who continue to furnish out bounties that helpfully impact the universe would be grateful to them for by staying deep-forged into their aims and goal realization mechanism.

Take for example the hidden talent a singing contest participant (event name and all names undisclosed for respect of privacy….yes just a another spurt of light humour here ) who came for trial round of a song in a leading international show saying she wanted to be like an established singing icon of renowned genre. The crowd booed and many made odd faces to jeer her away before she started her gig. She then started singing, peeled slices of earth off the feet of judges,left the judgmental audience spellbound, to repent their primal judgment of her in quick succession. What she delivered was not only incredible but many just held themselves from falling off the seat on the floor. The crowd now went from GIG To JIG. Eventually, after bagging the title in finals,not ony she sang with the established leading vocal star by carving out her own musical albums,but is now a household name with a face of talent, original humility writ still large and overlooks in sheer humility from the Billboards facade. Simplicity sustained.

The judges nearly sobbed, stayed repsectfully silent, appeared spellbound,and a major one wittingly said to the participant that she can now go home to village with happiness and her head held high. She had made her inroads into the next level of the contest. Little did we know that she was going to bag the title landing her PASSION WAGON in orchid of fortune and riches. Another story to add in THE CIRCLE OF LEGENDS. The lady had started walking out of the stage no sooner had she finished her rendition. Just to be called back by all the dazzled judges and super-supportive crew. She was walking out as she had just come to share her skills with less expectation of getting qualified or making headway into the ORBIT of FAME.

Hope , it is taken positively as it is one of the unforgettable ones that will reman etched in memory cache.

USP: Internals could be deep-wired, exterior stands surface-depth limited..

P.S.: Let me know your thoughts. For there are several other posts lined up…


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